CPL Grant Budget 

2002-2003 $4000.00
Recipient State Purpose Amount
Edmund Cueva OH advertizing for Latin Honors Day at Xavier University in November, 2002 $300.00
Kirk Summers AL mass mailings to all high school Latin teachers in the state $50.00
Elizabeth Heintzelman TX seed money for purchase of a certamen machine $150.00
Lynn Gibert CO supplementary materials for new Latin program $100.00
Victoria Pagan WI certamen machine for WJCL $300.00
Victoria Pagan WI speaker for persona program for Wisconsin Latin students $200.00
Adriene Cunningham VA medals, copying and postage for a Latin certamen in Arlington County, Virginia $100.00
Victoria Pagan WI speaker for Wisconsin Latin Teacher Association 2003 $300.00
Sarah H. Wright NC permanent mosaic made by Latin and art students for display in their school $300.00
Michael Dixon IN funding to support an academic Achievement Award in Latina for a new Latin program at the University of Southern Indiana $100.00
Nathalie Roy LA Togaman presentations to 1-8 grade students at The Episcopal School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana $150.00
Carin Green IA Educational materials for exhibit entitled Art in Roman Life: Villa to Grave at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art $400.00
Pam Phillips IN Art materials for upper-level high school Latin students to work with six-graders. $300.00
Michelle Breuer Vitt MN Supplies for Ludi Romani for 110 students from 12 high schools $370.00
Michele Ronnick MI Informational sheet to accompany the "Twelve Black Classicists" exhibit at CAMWS 2004 and ACL 2004. $300.00
Delilah Shotts MO speaker for Missouri Classical Assn. in October 2003 $300.00
Cathy Scaife KY t-shirt sale to support Latin Teacher Certification Scholarship $280.00
TOTAL CPL FUNDS SPENT as of 4/14/2003 $4000.00


Previous CPL Grants
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