Lives of Famous Greeks
CLAS 130-02/HIST 130-02
First ½ Semester, Spring 2017
12:30-1:45 Tuesday, Thursday
Instructor: Dr. Kyle Jazwa
Office: Hewes Library, Room 11A
Office Hours: 1:45-3:00 Thursday, and by appointment

In this course, we will follow in the Greek tradition of Bioi and examine the lives of famous Greeks. As a primary focus, students will examine the traits and personal qualities that the Greeks found admirable. We will also consider the biography genre and diachronic literary trends for describing the lives of Greeks over time.
Course Objectives
1. Gain knowledge of Greek history and prominent ancient Greeks.
2. Understand the moral and personal qualities that the ancient Greeks valued.
3. Learn about the biography genre and literature in the ancient world
Required Texts
Plutarch, 2001. Plutarch’s Lives, Volume 1 (Modern Library Classics). Modern Library.
ISBN 978-0375756754
Plutarch, 2001. Plutarch’s Lives, Volume 2 (Modern Library Classics). Modern Library
ISBN 978-0375756771

Quiz 1
Jan. 31
Quiz 2
Feb. 14
Quiz 3
March 2
Writing Assignment, Biography
Feb. 21

All students are required to attend class lectures. Each student is permitted one unexcused absence during the half semester course. All subsequent absences will result in a 2% reduction to the course grade. In order to receive full credit for the participation grade, however, students must come to class prepared and also
contribute to the lectures by asking/answering relevant questions and participating in any in-class activities.
Quizzes (3)
Students will be given 30 minutes to complete each quiz. These quizzes cover all course material and readings since the previous quiz.
Writing Assignment, Biography
Each student will interview and write a biography of a fellow classmate. Please see the assignment description at the end of the syllabus for more details.
Extra Credit
Students have several opportunities to receive extra credit during the semester, each of which will result in 1% point added to his/her final grade. These opportunities include attendance at AIA Lectures. After attending a lecture, please submit a one-page summary to Dr. Jazwa for full credit.

Class Rules
Please maintain respect for the instructor and your fellow classmates. I require all students not to interrupt the class, never use cell phones (even silently!), avoid leaving class early or entering late (unless with permission from the instructor), and pay attention during lectures.
Course Engagement Expectations
This course meets twice a week for one hour and fifteen minutes. Students are also expected to spend two and a half hours per class on reading assignments and two and a half hours for studying/writing/other out of class preparation and assignments. In all, students are expected to devote ten hours per week to the “Greek Cities” course.

P1 = Plutarch, Volume 1
P2 = Plutarch, Volume 2
O = Online Copy
January 17 (T) Introduction, Achilles and Helen
January 19 (R) Hero, Perseus and Hercules
O: Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, pp. 23-31
O: Ovid, Metamorphoses, pp. 99-106
January 24 (T) Early Authors, Homer and Hesiod
O: Contest of Homer and Hesiod
O: Pseudo-Herodotus, Life of Homer
January 26 (R) Early Lawmakers, Solon and Lycurgus
**Notify Dr. Jazwa who will be the subject of your Bios**
P1: “Lycurgus”
O: Solon, selected poems
Optional: P1 “Solon”
January 31 (T) Tyrants, Periander and Peisistratus
**Quiz 1**
O: Herodotus, The Histories, 1.59ff
Optional: O, Diogenes Laertius “Life of Periander”
February 2 (R) Statesmen: Pericles, Aspasia, and Themistokles
P1: Pericles
O: Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War, Book 1 selections
Optional: P1 “Themistokles”
February 7 (T) Philosophers, Socrates, Xanthippe, and Aristotle
P2: “Alexander” 7-8
O: Aristophanes, “The Clouds”
O: Plato, “Apology”
February 9 (R) Epigraphic and Pictorial Evidence
O: Selections
February 14 (T) Alcibiades
**Quiz 2**
P1: “Alcibiades”
Feb 16 (R) Peloponnesian War, Lysander and Nicias
P1: “Lysander”
Optional: P1 “Nicias”
February 21 (T) Fourth c. BCE, Epaminondas and Philip II
**Writing Assignment Due**
O: Cornelius Nepos, “Epaminondas”
Feb 23 Olympias, Alexander the Great
P2: “Alexander”
Feb 28 Hellenistic
Demetrius Poliorketes (Diod Sic)
P1: “Pyrrhus”
Optional: P2 “Demetrius”
March 2 Biographers
**Quiz 3**
Xenophon (Cyropaedia)
O: Xenophon, “Cyropaedia” Book 1

Writing Assignment: Biography
As a wealthy Hellene, you decide to spend your leisure time writing a biography of a prominent individual in your Athenian social circle (i.e. your class). Interview a fellow elite member of society and write a biographical account of his/her life. This should not be a simple listing of events. Instead, consider significant instances in his/her life that were particularly impactful in that “character’s” growth. Your work should have a strong narrative and a focused theme or message in which the bios of the character serves as a moral exemplum.
Due: Feb 21, 12:30 PM (hard copy required for full credit)
Jan 26, notify Dr. Jazwa who is the subject of your Bios (by email or in writing)
5 pages, double spaced, 10-12 font, 1” (or smaller) margins