Preliminary List of Websites about TROY





Rutter, Jeremy B. Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean.
This site contains information about the prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean. Through a series of lessons and illustrations, it traces the cultural evolution of humanity in the Aegean basin from the era of hunting and gathering (Palaeolithic-Mesolithic) through the early village farming stage (Neolithic) and the formative period of Aegean civilization into the age of the great palatial cultures of Minoan Crete and and Mycenaean Greece.


Velikovsky, Immanuel. The Dark Age of Greece


Sommer, Ian. New Light on the Dark Age in Greece.


Porter, John. The Iliad and the Greek Bronze Age




Johnston, Ian. The Legend of the Trojan War.

This summary is a brief account of a number of different old stories about the Trojan war. There are often several different, even contradictory, versions of events. There is no one authoritative narrative of the whole war. Many of these stories were obvious current before Homer, and the story continued to be embellished by the Romans and Medieval writers.


Bulfinch’s Mythology. The Age of Fable. Chapter XXVII. Part I. The Trojan War


Bulfinch’s Mythology. The Age of Fable. Chapter XXVII. Part II. The Iliad


Bulfinch’s Mythology. The Age of Fable. Chapter XXVIII. The Fall of Troy


Precourt, B. The Trojan War
The Trojan War told in words and pictures.


Precourt, B. The End of the Trojan War


Parada, Carlos. Greek Mythology: Troy


Crystal, Ellie. Crystalinks: The Trojan War


Porter, John. The Mythological Background of Homer’s Iliad





Mitchell‑Boyask, Robin. Images of the Trojan War Myth
A list of ancient images of events from the Trojan War arranged chronologically.


Department of Classics. Beloit College. The Trojan War Art Museum


Mythology in Western Art: The Trojan War
Note: The images on this site are available by subscription only, but try a Google image search.


Jansen, Hans G. and John Wallrodt. Project Troia.


Perseus Project. Troy.




Schliemann Biography


King, Wellington. Heinrich Schliemann: Heros and Mythos


The Treasure of Troy


Heinrich Schliemann


Heinrich Schliemann


Gregory, Timothy. Heinrich Schliemann: The “Father” of Modern Archaeology. Lecture Outline


American School at Athens and the Schliemann Family Papers


Schliemann in Indiana



Velikovsky, Immanuel. “The Homeric Question.” The Dark Age of Greece


Center for Studies in Oral Tradition


Nagy, Gregory. Homeric Questions


Homeric Questions Quiz


University of Alberta. Homeric Questions


Homeric Questions: Table of Contents


Homeric Questions Part I: The Discovery of Troy


Homeric Questions Part II: The Great Homer Nodding


Homeric Questions Part III: But Is It Troy?


Homeric Questions IV: Tale of Troy or Iliad?

 Homeric Questions V: Mycenaean Culture


Homeric Questions VI: Odysseus the Stranger


Homeric Questions Part VII: Decipherment of Linear B


Homeric Questions VIII: Homeric Geography


Hale, Stephen. The Homer Homepage




Quintus Smyrnaeus


Lomio, Rita. The Mortal Women of the Trojan War


Korfmann, Manfred. Was There a Trojan War? The Trojan War


The Sequence of Major Events in the Trojan War


The History Guide. Trojan War Resources.


Trojan War Quiz




Lo, Lawrence. Ancient Scripts: Linear B


Ager, Simon. Omniglot: Linear B


Clark Curtis. Truetype Fonts: Ancient alphabets and mythic symbols

A Linear B Font for your computer.


Perlman, Paula. Linear A and Linear B Compared.


Rutter, Jeremy B. The Linear B Tablets and Mycenaean Social, Political, and Economic Organization


Palmer, Michael. The Linear B Syllabary


Linear B at Cambridge




The Fall of Troy  (band)


Warner Bros. Troy: The Movie


Wilkens, Iman Jacob. Troy in England