CLAS201 Classics Seminar
Romans on the Frontier

SCHEDULE of Topics
Spring 200


Note: At some point in the semster we will have a guest lecturer from Bradley.


General Seminar Format:
Typically seminar will center around a chapter from The Reach of Rome. Two members of seminar will work together to present the chapter material to the class and generate discussion. A 300-word (minimum) summary of each week's discussion will be handed in at the next meeting.


Week One: Jan. 14

Seminar Overview


Week Two: Jan. 21

Historical Overview by Dr. Urban


Week Three: Jan. 28

Chapter 1 Augustus: Prof. Sienkewicz and Dr. Nick


Week Four: Feb. 4

Chapter 2 Vespasian


Week Five: Feb. 11

Chapter 3 Domitian


Week Five: Feb. 18

Chapter 4 Trajan


Week Six: Feb. 25
Chapter 5 Hadrian


Week Seven:

March 1 Cena Classica (6:00) and Fox Lecture (7:30)

March 3

Chapter 6 Africa


Week Eight: March 18

Chapter 7 Antoninus and Marcus


Week Nine: March 25

Chapter 8 Septimius

Week Ten: April 1

Chapter 9 Frontiers of Retreat


Week Eleven: April 8

Chapter 10 False Dawn


Week Twelve: April 15

Chapter 11 Wrath of Mars


Week Thirteen: April 22

Chapter 12 Fallible Friend


Week Fourteen: April 29



Week Fifteen: May 6




Wednesday, May 13 at 1 PM