CLAS201 Classics Seminar

SCHEDULE of Topics
Spring 2006


Week One: Week of Jan. 16th



Week Two: Week of Jan. 23rd

The Homeric Poems


Week Three: Week of Jan. 30th

The Myths about the Trojan War


Week Four:  Week of Feb. 6th

Schliemann and the Discovery of Troy


Week Five:  Week of Feb. 13th

Mycenae Rich in Gold


Week Five:  Week of Feb. 20th

Knossos and the Minoan Age


Week Six: Week of Feb. 27th

The Coming of the Greeks


Week Seven: Week of March 13th

Linear B


Week Eight: Week of March 20th

The Homeric Question


Week Nine: Week of March 27th

The Mycenaean Empire


Week Ten: Week of April 3rd

The Hittites


Week Eleven: Week of April 10th

Egypt in the New Kingdom (1539-1075 BC) and the Sea Peoples


Week Twelve: Week of April 17th

The End of the Greek Bronze Age and the Greek Iron Age


Week Thirteen: Week of April 24th

Troy Nachleben


Week Fourteen: Week of May 1st