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This analysis is based upon A Study of the "Iliad" in Translation by Frank Lowry Clark. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1927).

I. Achilles mourning for Patroclus cannot rest, 1-21

II. The council of gods and its sequel, 22-187

a) Paris' insult to their beauty causes Hera and Athena to remain implacable toward Troy, 23-30

b) Apollo pleads for the rescue of Hector's body, 31-54

c) Hera objects, 55-63

d) Zeus, recalling the many sacrifices offered by Hector sends Iris to summon Thetis to placate Achilles, 64-76

e) Iris descends to Thetis in the depths of the sea, and delivers the message from Zeus, 77-119

f) Thetis goes to Achilles and prevails on him to surrender the body of Hector for ransom, 120-40

g) Zeus sends Iris to bid Priam go to the Greek camp, 141-58

h) Iris encourages Priam to undertake the journey, 159-87

III. Priam, in spite of the earnest protestations of Hecuba and the Trojans, determines to go to the Greek camp, 188-321

a) Priam confides in Hecuba, who tries in vain to dissuade him, 188-227

b) The ransom is made ready, 228-37a

c) Priam drives the Trojans from his halls and chides his sons, 237b-64

d) Priam, about to begin his journey, pours out a libation and prays to Zeus, who sends a favorable omen, 265-321

IV. Priam's journey to the Greek camp, 322-467

a) Priam sets forth with the herald Idaeus and is meet by the god Hermes in the form of a beautiful youth, 322-57

b) Priam is persuaded to intrust himself to the guidance of this youth and safely comes to Achilles' tent, where Hermes reveals his identity and departs, 358-467

V. Priam in the hut of Achilles, 468-682

a) Priam appears like a fugitive suppliant before Achilles, 468-84

b) Priam's first appeal to Achilles, 485-506

c) Achilles greatly moved, answers Priam, relating the allegory of the two jars, 507-51

d) Priam's second appeal to Achilles, 552-58

e) Achilles grants the request, 559-70

f) The body of Hector is prepared to be restored to Priam, 571-90

g) Achilles' petition to the spirit of Patroclus, 591-95

h) Achilles, inviting Priam to eat, tells the story of Niobe, 596-617

i) The feast in the hut of Achilles, 618-32

j) Achilles orders a bed to be prepared in thew portico of his hut and grants a truce of ten days for the burial of Hector, 633-82

VI. Priam, aroused by Hermes, returns by night to Troy with the body of Hector, 683-722

a) Hermes warns Priam of his danger if seen by Agamemnon and urges him to return at once, 683-98

b) Cassandra sees them coming and cries out to the Trojans, who surround the car with loud lamentations, 699-715

c) Priam commands them to make the way; he places the body on a bier in the palace and sets leaders of the dirge round about it, 716-22

VII. The funeral of Hector, 723-804 (end)

a) Lament of Andromache, 723-45

b) Lament of Hecuba, 746-59

c) Lament of Helen, 760-75

d) Priam gives directions for the funeral pyre; description of the burial of Hector, 776-804 (end of the Iliad)

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