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This analysis is based upon A Study of the "Iliad" in Translation by Frank Lowry Clark. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1927).

I. Introduction Advance of both armies, 1-14

II. Encounter between Paris and Menelaus, 15-37

III. Paris, rebuked by Hector, proposes a duel with Menelaus, 38-75

IV. Preparations for the duel, 76-120

V. The Teichoskopia ("Visit of Helen to the Battlements"), 122-244

Note: This is a form of epipolesis or "review of the troops".

a) Iris summons Helen, 121-38

b) Helen goes to the Scaean gates, 139-60

c) Helen points out the Greek leaders to Priam one-by-one, 161-244

VI. Continued preparations for the duel, 245-325

a) Priam is summoned to the field of battle, 245-63

b) Prayer and Sacrifice, 264-313

c) Casting of lots, 314-25

VII. The duel scene, 326-72

VIII. Paris rescued by Aphrodite, 383-420

IX. Helen is summoned by Aphrodite to her marriage bed, 383-420

X. Helen with Paris, 421-47

XI. Menelaus searches the field for Paris, while Agamemnon claims the victory for the Greeks, 448-61 (end)

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