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This analysis is based upon A Study of the "Iliad" in Translation by Frank Lowry Clark. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1927).

I. Continuation of the battle of Book V. Note especially:

a) The death of Axylus, 12-19

b) The vain supplication of Adrastus, 55-65

II. Appeal of Helenus to Hector to go up to Troy to sacrifice and pray to the gods to help the Trojans, 73-118. Note the picture of Hector going off the field, 116-18

III. The meeting of Glaucus and Diomedes, 119-236. In this section note:

a) The myth of Lycurgus, 128-41

b) The comparison of the generations of men to leaves, 145-149

c) The myth of Bellerophon, 150-211

d) The exchange of armor, 212-36

IV. The visit of Hector to Troy, 237-529 (end)

a) Hector speaks with his mother, Hecuba, 237-85

b) The sacrifice by Hecuba and the women to Athena, 286-311

c) Hector with Paris and Helen, 312-68

d) Hector says farewell to his wife Andromache and his son Astyanax, 369-502

e) Hector and Paris go forth to battle, 503-29 (end)

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