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This analysis is based upon A Study of the "Iliad" in Translation by Frank Lowry Clark. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1927).

I. Dejection of the Greeks, 1-8

II. The assembly of the Greeks, 9-78

a) Speech of Agamemnon advising the Greeks to return home, 9-28

b) Diomedes' spirited rejoinder, 29-49

c) Nestor condemns the lover of strife, advises the posting of sentinels, and calls on Agamemnon to make a feast for the members of the council, 50-78

III. The posting of sentinels, 79-88

IV. The banquet in the tent of Agamemnon, 89-181

a) Nestor advises that Achilles be appeased by restoration of Briseis, 89-113

b) Agamemnon assents and enumerates the gifts he will offer, 114-61

c) Nestor names the three ambassadors who are to visit Achilles, 162-72

d) The banquet, and final directions to the ambassadors, 173-81

V. The Embassy Scene at the tent of Achilles, 182-655

a) The welcome by Achilles and the feast, 182-221

b) Speech of Odysseus, stating Agamemnon's offer, 222-306

c) Great speech by Achilles, rejecting the offer, 307-429

d) Appeal of Phoenix, including the allegory of the prayers and the episode of Meleager, 430-605

Phoenix uses the myth of Meleager as a paradeigm, as an example for Achilles.

e) Answer of Achilles to Phoenix, 606-22a

f) Appeal of Ajax, 622b-42

g) Answer of Achilles to Ajax, and return of ambassadors, 643-57

h) Night in the tent of Achilles, 658-68

VI. Report of the ambassadors, 669-713 (end)

a) Agamemnon's question, 669-75

b) Odysseus' answer, 675-92

c) Diomedess council, 693-713 (end)

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