Achilles (Akhilleus)- greatest warrior of the Greeks

Aegisthus (Aigisthos)- cousin and killer of Agamemnon, lover of Clytemnestra

Aeolus (Aiolos)- king of the winds

Agamemnon- son of Atreus and leader of Greek forces, husband of Clytemnestra

Alcinous (Alkinoos)- king of Phaeacia, husband of Arete, father of Nausicaa

Antinous (Antinoos)- a leader of the suitors

Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty

Apollo- god of the sun and of medicine, son of Zeus, twin brother of Artemis

Ares- god of war and lover of Aphrodite

Arete- queen of Phaecia, mother of Nausicaa, wife of Alcinous

Argos- (1) a section Greece; (2) old dog of Odysseus

Artemis- huntress goddess

Athena, Pallas Athena, Athene- goddess of wisdom, daughter of Zeus, protector of Odysseus

Atreidae- sons of Artreus: Agamemnon and Menelaus

Demodocus (Demodokos)- blind poet and minstrel of Phaeacia

Eumaeus (Eumaios)- faithful swineherd of Odysseus

Eurymachus -  an Ithacan nobleman and one of the leaders of the suitors

Eurycleia (Eurykleia)- Odysseys' nurse

Harpies- foul birds with the heads of women

Helen- wife of Menelaus and Paris, daughter of Zeus, cause of the Trojan War

Hellas- Greece

Hephaestus (Hephaistos)- craftsman of the gods, once the husband of Aphrodite

Hera- wife and sister of Zeus

Hermes- messenger of the gods, conductor of souls to Hades

Irus - a beggar who boxes with Odysseus on Ithaca

Calypso (Kalypso)- nymph who lived with Odysseus on the island of Ogygia

Charybdis (Karybdis)- a monster whirlpool

Circe (Kirke)- a goddess and witch living on the island of Aenea; turned men into animals

Clytemnestra (Kyltaimnestra)- wife of Agamemnon, mistress of Aegisthus, sister of Helen, killed by her son Orestes

Cyclops (Kyklops)- giants with one eye in the middle of their foreheads

Cytherea (Kytherea)- another name for Aphrodite, from the island of her birth

Ithaca- home of Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus

Laertes- father of Odysseus

Laistrygonians- race of giant cannibals

Lotus-eaters- people who ate an unknown flower, perhaps the poppy (opium)

Melanthius (Melanthios)- disloyal man-servant of Odysseus

Melantho- sister of Melanthius, disloyal maid of Odysseus

Menelaus (Menelaos)- king of Sparta, husband of Helen

Mentor- wise counselor whose appearance Athene took

Nausicaa (Nausikaa)- princess of Phaeacia who helped Odysseus

Nestor- oldest fighter in Greek forces, renowned for wisdom, king of Pylos

Orestes- son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, who killed his mother to avenge his father

Penelope- faithful wife of Odysseus

Phaeacians (Phaiakians)- sea-faring people who aided Odysseus

Polyphemus (Polyphemos)- leader of the Cyclops, blinded by Odysseus

Poseidon- god of the sea, brother of Zeus, father of Polyphemus, enemy of Odysseus

Priam- king of Troy

Scylla (Skylla)- six-headed monster who preyed on passing ships

Sirens- nymphs whose beautiful singing lured men to their death

Sparta- home of Helen and Menelaus

Teiresias- blind prophet consulted by Odysseus

Telemachus (Telemakhos)- son of Penelope and Odysseus

Zeus- king of gods and men

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