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Genre: Homer and Oral Poetry /  Notes on Heroic PoetryEpic / Primary vs. Secondary Epic / Important Terms / Some Important Greek Terms

Gods: Greek Pantheon / The Major GodsThe Olympian Gods: Images and Texts / Gods in the Iliad

Homer: The Homer Homepage / Struckís Homer Page

Iliad: Keat's "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer" / Structure of the IliadChronological Summary of Events / Summary Book by Book / Chronology / Slides on Achilles / Analysis Book by Book / Study Questions / Garrison Keilor's "Six-Minute Iliad" / Images of the Trojan War / Iliad Chronology Sample Quiz / Achilles in Vietnam / Trojan War Art Museum / Outline of the Iliad / Johnstonís 2006 translation / Samuel Butler's 19th-century translation  

Odyssey: Analysis / Characters / Cavafy's "Ithaca" / List of Cyclops slides / Interpretations of the Cyclops myth / Ambivalence of the Cyclops' Myth / Kirk on the Cyclopes / Antithesis and Framing in the Odyssey / Study Questions / More Study Questions / Odyssey Chronology Quiz

Aeneid: Packet / List of Characters / Slide Lecture / Bernice Fox's translation of Aeneid V

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