Required Texts for CLAS210
Ancient Literature: Images of Masculinity

Fall, 2001
Department of Classics,
Monmouth College

(listed in order of use)
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 The Iliad of Homer (Lattimore translation)                         

 Homer. The Iliad.
 Translated by Richmond Lattimore
 Chicago:  University of Chicago Press


A Companion to the Iliad                            

                            Willcock, Malcolm M. A Companion to the 
                            Chicago: University of Chicago Press

                            Note: This book is recommended, not required.


Greek LyricsLattimore, Richmond, ed. Greek Lyrics
                            Chicago: University of Chicago Press       



Aeschylus. Seven Against Thebes
  Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications



Sophocles: Sophocles. Complete Plays.
Translated by Paul Roche.



Euripedes:Euripides. Ten Plays.
Translated by Paul Roche.



Great Dialogues of Plato:Great Dialogues of Plato. 
Translated by W. H. Rouse.



Terence. Brothers. (No bookcover available.)
Translated by Charles Mercier.
Focus Publishing.

Petronius. Satyricon. 
Translated by Sarah Ruden.
Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co.



Note: You are also expected to have ready access to a Bible. Click here for an electronic version.

Standing offer for extra credit: If you submit a 250-word review of one of these books to or and send the link to the instructor, you will get extra credit in this course. This offer expires on Nov. 30th.

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