"Gladiator" (2000)

List of Scenes

I Far From Home (Main Title)

II Hell Unleashed

III You Have Missed the War

IV A Pleasant Fiction

V One More Duty

VI You Will Not Be Emperor

VII Hail Caesar

VIII A Soldierís Death

IX Mark of the Legion

X Gladiators, I Salute You

XI Battle in Chains

XII The Greatness of Rome

XIII Win the Crowd

XIV I Shall Cheer for You

XV The Battle of Carthage

XVI My Name is Gladiator

XVII Terribly Vexed

XVIII A Man for the People

XIX Maximus the Merciful

XX You Simply Wonít Die

XXI The Last Wish of a Dying Man

XXII Iím an Entertainer

XXIII Busy Little Bee

XXIV Shadows and Dust

XXV Am I Not Merciful?

XXVI Death Smiles at Us All

XXVII Home Again

XXVIII Now We Are Free (End Credits)

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