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Chronology / Timeline of Roman History / Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods

List of Important Places / Sample Map Quiz

Homeric Epics
Odyssey, VIII.265 (Song of Demodokus: Affair of Aphrodite and Ares)
Iliad, XIV.154-360 (Hera's Seduction of Zeus)

Lyric Poetry: Important Terms / Lyric Poetry: Some Study Questions / Housman on Poetry / Some Themes in Lyric Poetry

Images of Lyre and Flute Players: youth playing lyre / flute lesson / girl playing flute / lyre lesson / athletes and flutist / Chigi vase (flutist with hoplites)

Images: Sappho reading / Sappho and Alcaeus

Sappho's Poems (Order of Discussion) / Sappho 16 / Sappho's Prayer to Aphrodite / Review of Sappho's Immortal Daughters / Sappho website

Solon: Fragments / Solon's Reforms

Cybele / Catullus' "Attis"

Vergil Website / Catullus Project / Pagina Amicorum Nasonis (Ovid)

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