CLAS210 Ancient Literature: Love Poetry

1st Semester 1999-2000, Department of Classics, Monmouth College

Love Poetry examines the development of lyric poetry in ancient Greece and Rome, its influence on the later lyric tradition, and its place in the world lyric tradition. The course begins with the earliest Greek lyric poets like Archilochus of Paros and Sappho of Lesbos, looks at their connection with the Greek epic tradition, and follows the development of the love theme in lyric in the works of later Greek poets like Anacreon and Asclepiades. The second half of the course is devoted to the lyric tradition in Rome, especially the poetry of Catullus and Ovid. Throughout the semester the poetry of these ancient authors will be read in translation and compared to  expressions of the same love themes in poets from later periods in the western tradition and in world literature. All of these poems will be read not only from the point of view of American readers but also from the perspective of their original audiences.

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