CLAS210 Ancient Literature: Love Poetry

1st Semester 1999-2000, Department of Classics, Monmouth College

Schedule of Topics and Readings

Sept. 1 Course Introductions
Sept. 3
The Love Theme in Homer: Odyssey VIII.265-367 (Lay of Demodokus) Read about the love affair between Aprhodite and Ares. Iliad XIV.154-360 (Seduction of Zeus) Read how Hera seduces Zeus on Mt. Ida.
Sept. 6 The Singer Theme in Homer: Use the Perseus Search Engine to tead about two professional singers (aoidoi) in the Odyssey: 1.) Phemios on Ithaca: I, 153-155; I, 330 ff.; XXII, 330-353; XXIII, 144-147; and 2. Demodocus on Phaeacia: VIII, 43-45; 47; VIII, 62-93; VIII, 256-367 (Lay of Demodokus); VIII, 477-540; IX, 1-10. Also note the singer at III, 266ff.
Sept. 8 The Love Theme in Ovid: Lind, pp. 153-155; 162-165 (selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses)
Sept. 10-13 Archilochus (=Archilochos) Barnstone, pp. 25-36. Also handouts.
Sept. 15 Hipponax Barnstone, pp. 117-120
Sept. 17 Mimnermus (=Mimnermos) Barnstone, pp. 102-105
Sept. 20 Tyrtaeus (=Tyrtaios) Barnstone, pp. 39-40
Sept. 22 Solon Barnstone, pp. 97-101
Sept. 24-29 Sappho Barnstone, pp. 63-96
Sept. 29 Resource Summary and Report Due.
Oct. 1-4 Alcaeus (=Alkaios) Barnstone, pp. 54-63
Oct. 6 Alcman (=Alkman) Barnstone, pp. 46-53
Oct. 8 Stesichorus (=Stesichoros) Barnstone, pp. 109-112
Oct. 11 Ibycus (=Ibykos) Barnstone, pp. 113-116
Oct. 13 Anacreon (=Anakreon) Barnstone, pp. 121-127
Mid-Course Evaluation Due
Oct. 18 Fall Break. No class
Oct. 20 Anacreonteia (=Anakreonteia) Barnstone, pp. 248-256
Oct. 25-27 Theokritos (=Theocritus) Barnstone, pp. 190-192 and hand-outs
Oct. 29 Moschos (=Moschus) hand-outs
Nov. 1 Bion Barnstone, pp. 206-207 and hand-outs
Nov. 3-5 Vergil Lind, pp. 58-72
Nov. 8-Nov. 22 Catullus Lind, pp. 31-52; Lee (all)
Nov. 8 Fox Classics Lecture, 7:30 P.M. in Highlander Room. Attendance Required.
Nov. 15 and 17 NO CLASS Use this time to work on your individualized project.
Nov. 24 Tibullus and Sulpicia Lind, pp. 218-240
Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 29 and Dec. 1 Propertius
Lind, pp. 177-217
Dec. 1 Map and Geography Quizzes 
Dec. 3-8 Ovid Humphries, pp. 13-97; Lind, pp. 171-175
Dec. 6 Individualized Project Due Today at 9 A.M.

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