Prometheus Bound

of Aeschylus 

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

Power and Might (Kratos and Bios)
a chorus of Okeanids

Prologue                                             1-112

     Dialogue between Power-Might and Hephaistos              1-88

     Monologue by Prometheus                                  89-112


Parodos                                              113-195

     Kommos between Prometheus and Chorus

1st Episode                                               196-398

     Dialogue between Prometheus and Chorus                   196-284

     Dialogue between Prometheus and Okeanos                  285-398

1st Choral Ode                                       399-435

2nd Episode                                          436-525

    Dialogue between Prometheus and Chorus

2nd Choral Ode                                       526-560

3rd Episode                                          561-888

    Dialogue between Io and Prometheus

3rd Choral Ode                                       889-906

Exodos                                               907-1092 

    Dialogue between Prometheus and Chorus                    908-944

    Dialogue between Prometheus, Hermes and chorus        945-1092