CLAS224 Word Elements

Revised 4/7/99

Part III Word Elements from Greek
Note: Some italicized words and phrases on pp. 160-178 and 250-256 will be covered in class daily.
Apr. 7 Introduction to Greek: Ayers, 158-160; 180-181
Electronic Word Search Due by Thursday, April 8.
Apr. 9 Greek Alphabet and Loan Word Quiz
Apr. 12 Ayers, 160-164; 178-187
Apr. 14 No Class
Apr. 16 No Class
Apr. 19 Ayers, 165-169; 187-191; GRID QUIZ on Lessons III and IV.
Apr. 21 Ayers, 170-174; 192-201; Word Circus 9
Optional Progress Report on Etymology Project Due
Apr. 23 Ayers, 175-178; 201-211;GRID QUIZ on Lessons V-VII
Apr. 26 Ayers, 250-256; 211-220; Word Circus 10
Apr. 28 Ayers, 250-251; 220-231; GRID QUIZ on Lessons VIII-XI
Apr. 30 Ayers, 231-240;Word Circus 11.  Etymology Project Due.
May 3 Ayers, 240-256. GRID Quiz on Lessons XII-XVI
May 5 2nd Diagnostic Exam
May 7 2nd UNIT EXAM
May 13 Class Meeting 6-9 P.M.. Group Presentations and Course Evaluations.

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