CLAS224 Word Elements
Department of Classics
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Dictionary Survey and Comparison

The goal of this project is to review and compare three specialized dictionaries in the Hewes Library collection. There are TWO (2) required steps for this assignment and ONE (1) optional one.

1.) Survey THREE (3) specialized dictionaries and submit the following:
a.) all bibliographic information about each dictionary;
b.) a 100-word description of the main features of each dictionary. (Is it organized alphabetically, thematically, etc? Does it have illustrations, diagrams, etc.? What is the main purpose or goal of this book?); 
c.) an examination of one sample entry from each dictionary.  (What kinds of information are provided for this word?)
d.) a 100-word comparison of the three dictionaries. How are they similar? How are they different? What sort of users would find each dictionary helpful? How?

NOTE: This assignment must be accompanied by photocopies of the title page, copyright page, table of contents, and sample entry for each dictionary.

These surveys are to be submitted to all members of the course via the college computer network. ALL reports submitted after that time will receive a late penalty of one letter grade. The grade for this project will be 10% of the final grade.

2.) Evaluate the surveys of another student in the class. Your evaluation should address at least the following questions:
a.) Do these surveys follow the assignment guidelines?
b.) What are the best features of these surveys?
c.) What suggestions would you make to improve these surveys?
d.) How would you use these surveys to improve your own? 
These evaluations are intended to assist both authors and reviewers in improving their work for resubmission.

3.) Optional. Revision of your own surveys based upon both peer and instructor's comments as well as your own reconsiderations. Revised papers must be accompanied by the original paper with the instructor's hand-written comments. Resubmission cannot lower your grade. It is guaranteed to improve it.

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