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Course Materials / Etymology Project Materials /  Dictionary Unit / History of English Unit / Latin Element Unit / Loan Words and Phrases / Greek Element Unit / Nifty Websites 

You will also find some useful material on scientific words at the website for CLAS225 Scientific Terminology.

Course Materials
Summary of Goals and Requirements
 / Schedule of Readings and Assignments /
  Tom Sienkewicz' Writing Guidelines / Mid-Course Evaluation /  / Sample Grid Quiz / Sample Test on Latin Elements / Sample Test on Greek Elements

Etymology Project Materials
Etymology Project /
Some Sample Etymology Projects / Dictionary Entry Analysis Exercise / Dictionary Comparison worksheet / Dictionary Surveys / Electronic Word Search Assignment /

Dictionary Unit:

Etymology /
Etymology on  / Latin Guide Janet Burns on etymology / Oxford English Dictionary /  Oxford English Dictionary: A DescriptionA Sampling of Dictionaries / Some Recent Dictionary Acquisitions / Web of On-Line DictionariesUsing Electronic Dictionaries / Instructions for Using Electronic Dictionaries / World Dictionary Exercise / Electronic Dictionaries at / Comparison of Entries Worksheet / Electronic Dictionary Entry Analysis / Electronic Dictionary Comparison Grade Sheet / Dictionary Survey / Dictionary Survey Grade Sheet

History of English Unit:
"Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans" by Calvert Watkins / Power of English Video / Bayeux Tapestry / Chaucer's Canterbury Tales / Words of the 20th Century / New Words for 2006 / British vs. American English / Australian English / Lexicolumn

Latin Element Unit:
Word Elements and Their Uses
/ BASES / prefixes- / -suffixes / Latin Loan Words in Ayers / Latin Phrases in Ayers / Rules for Definition / Onomatopoeia / Important Terms in Ayers / Important Terms in Lederer's Word Circus / Latin Prepositions / Latin Prefix Chart / Assimilation of Prefixes / Abbreviations / Acronymns / Acronymns on Internet Emoticons, Smileys and Abbreviations / Three Morphologically Identical Bases: PAR- / Animalia Romana / Independent Twins: Definition / Independent Twins: List / Adjective-Forming Latin Suffixes / Noun-Forming Latin Suffixes / Verb-Forming Latin Suffixes / Specialization and Generalization / Degeneration of Meaning / Degeneration and Ethnic Stereotypes / The Four Humors /  Sample Latin Unit Exam / Brand Names vs. Generic Names / On Stealing Intellectual Property / Technospeak / Some Nursery Rhymes in Disguise / How College Professors Speak / Christmas Carols the Hard Way / Clipped Words / Blends / Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" / Etymology Quiz 

Loan Words and Phrases: Borrowed Words  / Latin / Greek / French / German / Yiddish / Italian / Spanish / English Loan Words in Other Languages / The Truth About Latin / Chinese Arabic / Amerind

Greek Element Unit:
List of Greek Words in Ayers / Greek Suffixes / Homophones / Reduplication
Ayers pp. 176-177 / Eponymy / Eponymy ID / Surnames / English Personal Names from Greek / English Personal Names from Latin / Words from Literature / An Anthology of -ologies / Phobias / Sports Terms / Horse-Inspired Vocabulary / Sample Greek Exam / Greek Monster Match List / List of Greek Words with English Derivatives

Nifty Websites:
World Wide Words / My Word! / ROOTS OF ENGLISH / Ruth  Walker's Verbal Energy Blogs in the Christian Science Monitor /
Etymologic, The Toughest Word Game on the Web:

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