CLAS224 Word Elements
Department of Classics
Monmouth College

Spring Semester, 2003

Note: One advantage of a web-based schedule is that it can be adjusted frequently according to class progress. Students are advised to consult this page regularly for changes.

Part I: An Introduction to Words
Jan. 13 Words on words: Lederer, vii-xiii
Jan. 17 Dictionaries: Read Ayers, 16-25 and Etymology.
Electronic Dictionary Entry Analysis (due Jan. 29). Using Electronic Dictionaries; Oxford English Dictionary. Instructions for Using Electronic Dictionaries. PLEASE BRING YOUR DICTIONARY TO CLASS.
Jan. 22 Indo-European and Etymology: Read Ayers, 1-6, and American Heritage Dictionary (AHD), pp. 1598-1603.
Jan. 24 History of English: Ayers, 6-14 ("Power of English " video plus worksheet) Important Terms in Ayers
Jan. 27  History of English Cont.: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales / Words of the 20th Century
Jan. 29  Presentation on Dictionaries for Dictionary Surveys (due Feb. 10th) IN HEWES LIBRARY. See A Sampling of Dictionaries / Some Recent Dictionary Acquisitions.

Part II: Word Elements from Latin

Jan. 31 Ayers, 26-34 (definitions, bases) Word Elements and Their Uses / Rules for Definition.
Also Ayers, 136-142 (Latin Loan Words in Ayers and phrases). Read Editor's Preface to World Dictionary and Ayers, 196-197. A few of these phrases will be discussed in every class through March 17. They will be part of the first unit exam.
Dictionary Entry Analysis Due.
Feb. 3 Ayers, 35-40 (prefixes, assimilation) Lederer, 1 (grammagram, homophone, heteronym, capitonym) Latin Prepositions / Latin Prefix Chart / Assimilation of Prefixes / Important Terms in Lederer's Word Circus
Feb. 5 Ayers, 40-46 (abbreviations, acronyms) Lederer, 2 (anagram, aptagram, antigram) Abbreviations / Acronymns / Acronymns on Libraryspot.comInternet Emoticons, Smileys and Abbreviations 
Feb. 10 Ayers, 46-51 (back formations, aphresesis, aphesis); Lederer, 6 (beheadments, curtailments)
Ayers, 52-56 (combining bases, Roman numerals) Dictionary Surveys due.
Feb. 12 Ayers, 57-65 (hybrids, suffixes); Lederer, 3 (palindrome, semordnilap)
Feb. 14  Ayers, 65-70 (word analysis); Lederer, 4 Three Morphologically Identical Bases: PAR-
Feb. 17 Ayers, 70-82 (dissimilation, semantic change); Lederer, 5 (charade words) Animalia Romana
Feb. 19 Ayers, 82-89 (specialization/generation, functional change); Lederer, 7 (kangaroo words) Specialization and Generalization
Feb. 21 Ayers, 90-98 (degeneration/elevation, abstract/concrete); Lederer, 8 (acrobat words, spoonerisms) Degeneration of Meaning / Degeneration and Ethnic Stereotypes. Prospectus for Etymology Project  Due.
Feb. 24 Ayers, 98-100 (weakening, hyperbole, independent twinsIndependent Twins: Definition / Independent Twins: List
Feb. 26  Ayers, 101-106  (changing concepts, diminutives)
Feb. 28 Ayers 106-112 (euphemisms, circumlocutions, jargon) Brand Names vs. Generic Names / Technospeak / Some Nursery Rhymes in Disguise / How College Professors Speak / Christmas Carols the Hard Way
Mar. 3 Ayers 102-116  (folk etymology); Lederer, 9 (abstemious words, mirror words, pangram, pyramid word, isogram);
Mar. 5
Ayers, 116-124 (clips and blends) ; Lederer, 10 (acrostic, lipogram) Clipped Words / Blends / Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky"
Mar. 7 Ayers, 124-128 (doublets); Lederer, 11 (logology, looper). Mid-Course Evaluation Due
Mar. 17 Ayers, 128-136 (latinisms, metathesis)
Mar. 19 1st UNIT EXAM See Sample Latin Unit Exam.
Mar. 21 How to do an electronic word search. Class meets in the Trotter Lab. Note: Electronic Word Search Assignment is due on March 31st.

Part III Word Elements from Greek
Note: Some italicized words and phrases on pp. 160-178 and 250-256 will be covered in class daily.
Mar. 24 Ayers, 158-160; 180-181; 255-256 (Introduction to Greek; Greek loan words)
Mar. 26 Ayers, 160-163; 178-187 (bases, combining bases, prefixes)  
Mar. 28  Quiz on Greek alphabet and loan words
Mar. 31 Ayers, 160-164; 179-183 (homonyms, eye rhymes); loan words 196-198 French and Spanish loan words Electronic Word Search Assignment due.
Apr. 2-4 No. class. Take-home assignment on World Dictionary.
Apr. 7  Ayers, 165-169; 183-196 (reduplication, onomatopoeia, word analysis)  German loan words
Apr. 9 Ayers, 170-178;  198-204 (word analysis, tautology); Italian loan words Progress Report on Etymology Project (optional) Due
Apr. 11 Ayers, 250-251; 204-211 (eponymy) Eponymy / Eponymy ID / Brand Names vs. Generic Names 
Apr. 14 Ayers, 252-253; 211-220; Surnames / English Personal Names from Greek / English Personal Names from Latin / English Loan Words in Other Languages
Apr. 16 Ayers, 220-226 An Anthology of -ologies, Some Words Derived from Literature
Apr. 23 Ayers 227-236 Phobias
Apr. 25  Ayers 231-240 Sports Terms
Apr. 28 Ayers, 240-256; Etymology Project Due.
May 2 2nd UNIT EXAM See Sample Greek Exam and Greek Monster Match List
May 8 Class Meeting 6 P.M.. Group Presentations and Course Evaluations.

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