The second unit exam will emphasize the Greek half of the book, but not the scientific material in Lessons XX-XXV (pp. 257-280).

The test consists  of three parts:
 I. A Monster Matching (see below for content) 30%
II. A Monster Grid on Greek elements only 40%
III. Word Analysis (mostly Greek but some Latin) 30%.

A sample test is available at

The material for the Monster Matching section will come from the following sources:

1.) Words from Greek mythology  (pp. 161-169). NOTE: Add "Trojan horse."

2.) Words from Greek History and Philosophy (pp. 170-176)

3.) Additional words in assignment section, pp. 176-177

4.) Eponym handout

5.) Words from Literature (handout)

6.) An Anthology of -ologies (handout)

7.) List of -phobias (handout)

8. ) Religious words in exercise II on pg. 244

9.) All italicized words in assignments I and II on pp. 250-253 (handout)

10.) Greek loan words on pp. 255-256 (handout)