Summary of Goals and Requirements
for CLAS224 Word Elements

Diagnostic Examinations
Diagnostic examinations will be administered twice, once at the beginning and again at the end of the semester. While your performance on this examination cannot affect your grade negatively, improved scores on the second exam can have a positive affect on your final grade. 

Your final grade will be determined in the following way:

35% Homework and Quizzes  
35% Unit Exam Exams (2)
Etymology Project and Poster Presentation

In all your written course work you should pay attention to grammar and organization as well as the quality of your material. Always follow the professor's writing guidelines. You have the OPTION of resubmitting for reevaluation ALL written assignments (except quizzes and the second unit exam). If you resubmit your work, you are expected to revise your work based not only on the instructor's comments but also upon your own reevaluation of your initial work. If you resubmit work, you will receive the average of the first and second grades received on the assignment. Work submitted for reevaluation must be received within two weeks of its return by the instructor. 

Homework and Quizzes
There will be frequent quizzes (announced and unannounced) and homework assignments. No make-ups for quizzes will be given and homework will be accepted for grade only two class days beyond due date. About one-tenth of the lowest quiz and homework grades will be dropped. Sample Grid Quiz

Two unit exams will demonstrate mastery of assigned material and an understanding of linguistic concepts. Students who do not present an acceptable excuse for an absence from an exam will be permitted to take a make-up, but will suffer a penalty of one letter grade. Sample Test on Latin Elements / Sample Test on Greek Elements

Please note that class WILL MEET as scheduled during the final exam period for various activities, including poster presentations, course summary and student evaluation. Attendance at this session is obligatory.

This  material has been published on the web by Prof. Tom Sienkewicz for his students at Monmouth College. If you have any questions, you can contact him at

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