CLAS224 Word Elements
Department of Classics
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Dictionary Survey and Comparison

The goal of this project is to review and compare three specialized dictionaries in the Hewes Library collection. This assignment is a step in the development of a final etymology project for this course. Click here for a copy of the grade sheet which will be used to evaluate this assignment.

Survey THREE (3) specialized dictionaries and submit the following:
a.) all bibliographic information about each dictionary in standard format (for one recommended format click here);
b.) a 100-word description of the main features of each dictionary. (Is it organized alphabetically, thematically, etc? Does it have illustrations, diagrams, etc.? What is the main purpose or goal of this book?); 
c.) a description of one sample entry from each dictionary.  (What kinds of information are provided for this word?). Compare and contrast these three descriptions.
d.) a 100-word comparison of the three dictionaries. How are they similar? How are they different? What sort of users would find each dictionary helpful? How?
e.) a 50-100 word statement about how you could use these dictionaries in your etymology project.

NOTE: This assignment must be accompanied by photocopies of the title page, copyright page, table of contents, and sample entry for each dictionary.

Spelling and good grammar count!

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