Directions: Find the animal hidden in each -ine word.

__________ 1. canine A. bull
__________ 2. feline B. dove
__________ 3. equine C. peacock
__________ 4. piscine D. seal
__________ 5. porcine E. goose
__________ 6. bovine F. deer
__________ 7. aquiline G. lion
__________ 8. ovine H. fox
__________ 9. ursine J. crow
__________10. serpentine K. wolf
__________11. asinine L. donkey
__________12. lupine M. snake
__________13. vulpine N. cat
__________14. corvine O. horse
__________15. leonine P. dog
__________16. anserine Q. sheep
__________17. cervine R. fish
__________18. phocine S. pig
__________19. columbine T. cow
__________20. pavonine V. eagle
__________21. taurine W. bear

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