Internet Emoticons, Smileys, and Abbreviations (Turn your head to the left to view)

Emoticons and Smileys

:-)           Happy

;-)           Winking

:-(           Frown/sad

:-&         Toung-tied

:-S           Incoherent

:-D         Laughing

:-@         Screaming

/-O        Yawning

:-P           Tongue out

:’-(         Crying

:’-)         Crying for joy

:->          Sarcastic

<:->       Devilish

O:-)       Angelic

 {}           Hug



AAMOF              As a matter of fact

BAK                      Back at the keyboard

BBFN                    Bye-bye for now

BRB                      Be right back

BTW                      By the way

CMIIW                 Correct me if I’m wrong

CUL                      See you later

F2F                       Face-to-face

FITB                       Fill in the blank

FYA                      For your amusement

FYI                        For your information

HHOK                  Ha-ha, only  kidding

HOUEW               Hanging on your every word

IAC                      In any case

IKWUM                 In know what you mean

IMHO                  In my humble opinion

IOW                     In other words

KWIM                   Know what I mean?

LOL                      Laughing out loud

OIC                      Oh, I see

OTOH                  On the other hand

PNCAH                Please, no “cussing” allowed here

PTMM                  Please, tell me more

TIA                        Thanks in advance

TIC                        Tongue in cheek

TNTL                     Trying not to laugh

TNX                      Thanks

TTKSF                     Trying to keep straight face

TYVM                   Thank you very much

WRT                      With respect to

WTGP?                Want to go private?

YIU                        Yes, I understand

YIWGP                 Yes, I will go private

<G>                     Grinning

<J>                       Joking

<L>                       Laughing

<S>                       Smiling


This  material has been published on the web by Prof. Tom Sienkewicz for his students at Monmouth College. If you have any questions, you can contact him at

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