CLAS224 Word Elements. Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois

Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (


ab,-, a-, abs- away, from
ad- (ac-, af-, ag-, al-, as-, etc.) to, toward
ambi- both, around
ante- before, in front of
circum- around
con- (com-, co-) with, together, very, completely
contra-, contro- against
de- down, off, thoroughly
dis- (di-, dif-) apart, in different directions, not
ex- (e-. ef-) out, from, completely
extra-, extro- outside, beyond
in-, im- [en-, em-] in, into, against, completely
in-, im- not
infra- below, beneath
inter- between, among
intra- within
non- not
ob- toward, against, completely
per- through, wrongly
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of
pro- forward, in front of, for
re- (red-) back, again
retro- backward, behind
se- (sed-) back, again
sub- (sus-, suc-) under, up from under, secretly
subter- below, secretly
super- above, over
trans- (tran-, tra-) across, through
ultra- beyond, exceedingly
juxta- beside, near to
prete- beyond

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