CLAS224 Word Elements. Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois z
Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (


1. Vintage bituminous sovereign.

2. Siblings who traversed an elevation.

3. Venerable lady occupying a domicile designed for pedal adornment.

4. Emaciated fellow who viewed with disdain any form of suet.

5. The feline pet and the Stradivarius.

6. Diminutive country singer with eclipsing orb.

7. Double Tyler Moore, exceedingly obstinate.

8. Auto accessory that is agile.

9. Embryo situated on a retaining edifice.

10. Ebony four-legged fabric-source speaks out.

11. Miniature muncher crouching at the intersection of two lateral surfaces.

12. Dairy product consumer demonstrating an unreasoning fear of arachnids.

13. Rodent scaling an antique timepiece.

14. Crowned head who proves her culinary skills with crusty sweet treats.

15. Small brass instrumentalist with a preference for indigo finery.

16. Undersized damsel who misplaced her often-shorn animals.

17. Female scholar followed persistently by a young member of the ovine family.

18. Masculine descendant of an Irish musician.

19. One of a famed trio who enjoyed devouring a member of the squash family.

20. Feather-brained boy who encountered an itinerant baker enroute to an exposition.

21. Masculine biped with a noticeable curvature of the spine.

22. Cowardly boy whose osculation produced sobbing young misses.

23. A trio of rural rodents afflicted with vision deficiency.

24. United Kingdom's historic transportation span in a state of collapse.

25. Secretive fellow who amassed a quarter-bushel of fiery condiments.

26. Residential contractor whose carelessness with grain storage precipitated a chain reaction.

27. Black and orange insect whose domicile was ignited during her absence.

28. Equestrian who mistakenly identified a bit of plumage as pasta.

29. Pint-sized boy whose tuneful vocalizing earned him an evening meal.

30. Discriminating farm fowl whose eggs were laid solely for the upper class.

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