List of Phobias


acrophobia fear of heights

agorophobia fear of open spaces (fear of the marketplace)

ailurophobia dread of cats

algophobia morbid fear of pain

alektorophobia fear of chickens

amathophobia abnormal fear of dust

amaxophobia morbid dread of boarding a trolley car

androphobia fear of man or men (males)

anemophbia dread of hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes

anthropophobia fear of human beings

anthophobia fear of flowers

arachnophobia fear of spiders

arachibutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

astrophobia fear of stars; (modern version) dread of flying airplanes

ballistophobia fear of missiles (flying objects)

basiphobia fear of steps

botanophobia intense dislike of flowers and plants

carcinophobia fear of cancer

cathisophobia fear of sitting down

chionophobia dread of being snowbound

chromophobia irrational fear of certain colors

chronophobia dread of time; impulse to smash clocks

claustrophobia fear of narrow or enclosed spaces

clinophobia fear of going to bed

cyclophobia fear of bicycles

cynophobia morbid fear of dogs

demonophobia fear of demons or evil spirits

dendrophobia fear of trees

dentophobia fear of dentist

dermatapathophobia morbid anxiety about the skin and its diseases

dinophobia fear of becoming dizzy

dysmorphobia dread of deformity

entomophobia irrational fear of insects

ergophobia fear of work

erotophobia morbid dislikes of sexual love

euphobia fear of good news

gaphyrophobia dread of crossing bridges

geniophobia fear of chins

genuphobia fear of knees

graphophobia fear of writing

gymnophobia fear of nakedness

gynecophobia fear of woman or women (females)

heliophobia dread of sunlight

helminthophobia fear of worms

herpatophobia fear of snakes

hydrophobia fear of water; rabies

hydrophobophobia dread of rabies

hypsophobia dread of heights

iatrophobia fear of doctors

iophobia dread of poisons

kinesophobia morbid fear of (rapid) movement: (modern version) fear of autos

lalophobia fear of speaking (often associated with stuttering)

levophobia fear of objects on the left side of the body

linonophobia fear of string

maniaphobia dread of madness; morbid fear of insanity

mechanophobia morbid fear of machines

nebulaphobia fear of fog

necrophobia fear of dead bodies

neophobia dread of something new; fear of change

nyctophobia fear of darkness

ochlophobia morbid fear of crowds

ochophobia fear of vehicles; dread of riding in a moving vehicle

odontophobia fear of (animals') teeth; fear of being bitten

odynophobia morbid dread of pain

osphreisiophobia fear of body odors

pantophobia irrational fear of everything

pedophobia fear of a child or of children

pentheraphobia fear of one's mother-in-law

pharmacophobia fear of drugs or medicine

phobophobia fear of fear

phonophobia dread of sounds (particularly loud or sudden sounds)

phronemophobia fear of thinking

potamophobia fear of rivers

prosophobia fear of progress

psycrophobia abnormal fear of cold

pyrophobia fear of fire

scopophobia fear of being looked at; dread of spies

siderodromophobia fear of railroad trains; (literally fear of iron road)

sophophobia fear of learning

tapinophobia fear of small objects

taphephobia dread of being buried alive

thaasophobia fear of boredom

thalassophobia fear of the sea

thanatophobia abnormal fear of death

thermophobia fear of (excessive) heat

topophobia fear of certain places

trichophobia irrational fear of hair

trisksidekaphobia irrational fear of number 13

tropophobia fear of moving or making changes

uranophobia fear of the sky; dread of going to heaven

xenophobia fear of strangers or foreigners

zoophobia fear of animals

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