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Homework Exercise

Specialization and Generalization

Ayers, Latin Lesson XII

Part I

Directions:  Use your dictionary to match each of the words in Col. A with its etymological meaning in Col. B.

Col. A

1. sanctuary

2. fortune

3. holiday

4. uncle

5. starve

6. orgy

7. slogan

8. lust

9. picture

10. smirk                                 



Col. B

A. desire in general

B. smile

C. painted likeness

D. secret observance

E. chance

F. holy place

G. die

H. holy day

I. life

K. mother's brother

L. battle cry of Scottish clans


Part II

All of the words in Part I have either undergone specialization or generalization. Use the etymological meaning identified in Part I to explain how the meaning of each word has changed

Example: butcher (one who slaughters goats)

Answer: This word has undergone generalization. It originally referred only to the slaughter of goats. Now it can be used to refer to the slaughter of any living thing.

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