Can you use these terms outside the context of the sport to which they refer?

to throw a curve

to throw a fast one

to strike out

a hole in one

to reach homeplate

to knock-out, a "knock-out"

a "toss-up"

to score

to set the pace

to win by a nose

king of the turf

"That's a ringer."

dead ringer

to hit below the belt

a hop, a skip and a jump

to hit the wall

Monday-morning quarterback

to fumble

to catch on the rebound

to kick-off

"ace in the hole"

to hit the jackpot

to make a pass

to putt

a rookie

a jock

time out

to be blitzed

what is your racket?


to touch homebase

to get to first base

to touch all bases

to crap-out

to jockey

disc jockey

to play ball

to throw punches

not "playing with a full deck"

"playing with more than a full deck"

(one) strike against you

to touchdown


to field goal

to tee off

to foul-out

to ace (an exam)


"a slam dunk"

"a jump ball" situation

"full tilt"

"to serve up"


to knock for a loop

to dribble

to cue up

not by "a long shot"



to be "off and running"

to be neck and neck

to be bumped

to punt

wipe out

playing the field

2 points

What an 8-Ball?

to be behind the 8-ball

pitch one to me

a photofinish

an also-ran

across the board

a front-runner

a dark horse

get one's goat


hedge your bet

run roughshod

a shoo-in

See Nathan Bierma's "Horse-Inspired Vocabulary"


CLAS224 Word Elements. Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois

Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (


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