CLAS224 Word Elements. Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois

Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (

LATIN MOTTOES: Academic and Military

artes, scientia, veritas (U. of Michigan): the arts, science, and truth

crux spes una (Notre Dame): the cross is the only hope

Dominus illuminatio mea (Oxford): the Lord is my light

in hoc sign vinces (Holy Cross): In this sign you will conquer

in lumine tuo videbimus lumen (Columbia): in thy light we shall see the light

veritas vos liberabit (Johns Hopkins): the truth will set you free

lux (Monmouth College): light

lux et veritas (Yale): light and truth

per ardua ad astra (Air Force): through difficulties to the stars

semper fidelis (Marine Corps): always faithful

semper paratus (Coast Guard): always prepared

sustineo alas (Air Force): I maintain the wings

veritas (Harvard): truth

vox clamans in deserto (Dartmouth): a voice crying out in the wilderness

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