CLAS224 Word Elements. Monmouth College Monmouth, Illinois

Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (

Clipped Words

ad (advertisement)

ag (agriculture)

alley (alabaster)

alum (alumnis, alumna)

alums (alumni, alumnae)

appy (appaloosa)

auto (automobile)

beaut (beauty)

bike (bicycle)

bio (biology)

bone (trombone)

bot (botany)

bro (brother)

burger (hamburger)

butt (buttocks)

cab (taxicab)

caf (cafeteria)

calc (calculus)

car (carriage or motorcar)

chem (chemistry)

chimp (chimpanzee)

champ (champion)

cycle (motorcycle)

con artist (confidence artist)

coon (racoon)

cous (cousin)

combo (combination)

condo (condominium)

croc (crocodile)

comp (comprehensive)

coke (coca-cola or cocaine)

disco (discotheque)

doc (doctor)

dorm (dormitory)

dent (dental, dentistry)

dad (daddy)

deli (delicatessen)

diff (differential)

e-mail (electronic mail)

expo (exposition)

exam (examination)

econ (economics)

fan (fantastic)

frank (frankfurter)

frat (fraternity)

frosh (freshman)

fan (fantastic)

frige (refrigerator)

fag (faggot)

fab (fabulous)

gym (gymnasium)

gab (gabble)

grad (graduate)

gas (gasoline)

gator (alligator)

gent (gentleman)

gym (gymnasium)

gyp (Gypsy)

hippo (hippopotamus)

homo (homosexual)

info (information)

I.D. (identification)

lab (laboratory)

lit (literature)

limo (limousine)

lav (lavatory)

math (mathematics)

medic (medical)

memo (memorandum)

mob (mobile vulgus)

mom (mommy)

mono (mononucleosis)

mike (microphone)

O.B. (obstetrics)

parole (parole d'honneur)

pug (pugnacious)

phone (telephone)

petro (petroleum)

pres (president)

plane (airplane)

pen (penitentiary)

phys ed (physical education)

prep (preparatory)

pro (professional)

prof (professor)

poly sci (political science)

psych (psychology)

photo (photograph)

promo (promotion)

quad (quadrangle or quadriphonic)

recap (recapitulate)

rhino (rhinoceros)

roomie (roommate)

sax (saxophone)

schizo (schizophrenic)

sci fi (science fiction)

scram (scramble)

sosh (sociology)

squad (squadron)

stats (statistics)

sub (submarine)

sweats (sweat suit)

specs (spectacles, eye glasses)

sis (sister)

soph (sophomore)

taxi (taxi cab)

trig (trigonometry)

tymps (tympani)

tech (technical)

teen (teenager)

teach (teacher)

tele (television)

U joint (universal joint)

vibes (vibrations)

zo (zoology)

zoo (zoological park)

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