The following paragraphs are examples of how some (not all) college professors may lecture.  Read each selection separately.  Then in your own words, write what the paragraph is about.

1.                  A research team proceeded toward the apex of a natural geologic protuberance, the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride of oxygen in a large vessel, the exact size of which was unspecified.  One member of the team precipitantly descended, sustaining severe fractural damage to the upper cranial portion of his anatomical structure.  Subsequently the second member of the team performed a self-rotational translation oriented in the direction taken by the first team member.

2.                  A female of the Homo Sapiens species was the possessor of a small, immature ruminant of the genus Ovis, the outermost covering of which reflected all wavelengths of visible light with a luminosity equal to that of a mass of naturally occurring microscopically crystalline water.  Regardless of the translational pathway chosen by the Homo Sapien female, there was a 100% probability that the forementioned ruminant would select the same pathway.

3.                  A young male human was situated near the intersection of two supporting structural elements at right angles to each other; said subject was involved in ingesting a saccharine composition prepared in conjunction with the ritual observance of an annual fixed-day religious festival.  Insertion into the saccharine composition of the apposable digit of his forelimb was followed by removal of a drune of genus Prunus. Subsequently the subject made a declarative statement regarding the high quality of his character as a young male human.

 4.                  A geriatose human female proceeded to a storage compartment for the purpose of procuring a fragment of Osseous tissue from an unidentified deceased specimen to transfer to an indigent carnivorous domesticated mammal, canis familiaris, family Cadidae.  Upon arrival at her destination, she found the storage compartment in a denuded condition, with consequence that the indigent carnivore was deprived of the intended donation.

 5.                  A human female, extremely captious and given to opposed behavior, was questioned as to the dynamic state of her cultivated tract of land used for production of various types of Flora.  The tract components were enumerated as argentous tone-producing agents, a rare species of oceanic growth, and pulchritudinous young females situated in a linear orientation.

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