This is a list of slides which Professor Thomas J. Sienkewicz showed in his class at Monmouth College in the fall semester of 1997. If you have any questions, you may contact him at


Achilles. Achilles Painter. Amphora. c.445 B.C.
Peleus surprises Thetis. Marysas Painter. Pelike. c.350 B.C. BM
Peleus and Thetis. Aurora Painter. Krater. Villa Guilia. c.340 B.C.
Judgement of Paris. Gerung. 1536. Art Institute
Flaxman. Judgement
Rubens. Achilles at Styx
Daumier. Achilles at Styx
Achilles' Heel Cartoons
Pompeii. House of Discuri. Achilles at Skyros.
Sarcophagus. Louvre. Achilles at Skyros.
Poussin. 1648-50 Achilles at Skyoros. Boston
Achilles and Ajax. Exekias pot. Vatican
Briseis Taken. Pompeian fresco. Naples.
Departure of Briseis. Flaxman
Tent of Achilles. Ingres
Embassy to Achilles. Flaxman
Red-figure. Patroclus takes leave of Achilles. Villa Guilia.
Funeral Pyre of Patroclus. Flaxman.
Thetis and Nereids. Flaxman.
Thetis entreats Zeus. Flaxman.
Thetis and Zeus. Flaxman.
Hephaistos and Charis receive Thetis. Flaxman
Thetis with Achilles' Armor. Boston. Neck Amphora. c.450
Drawing of above.
Flaxman. Thetis Brings Achilles New Armor.
Flaxman. Achilles Contends with Rivers
Achilles Slaying Hector. Rubens
Achilles with Hector's Body. Hydria. Boston.
Sarcophagus. Achilles dragging Hector's body. Rhode Island School of Design.
Oltos. Ransom of Hector. Munich.
Achilles kills Penthesilea. Exekias. Neck-amphora c.525 B.C.
Fight over body of Achilles. Krater.

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