Homeric Hymn to Apollo
An Analysis

Study Questions

I. Apollo and Delos 1-178

A. Praise of Apollo and Leto 1-14

B. The Labor of Leto 15-96

C. The Coming of Eileithyia 97-114

D. The Birth of Apollo and Artemis 115-129

E. Praise of Apollo and of Delos 130-165

F. The Singer's Entreaty 166-178

II. Apollo and Delphi 179-546

A. The Journies of Apollo 179-243

B. Apollo and Telephousa 244-276

C. Apollo goes to Delphi and slays Typhaon 277-304

D. The Story of Typhon 305-374

E. Apollo and Telephousa again 375-387

F. Apollo chooses Cretan sailors as his priests at Delphi 388-543

G. Conclusion 545-546

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