Sample Chronology Quiz on the Trojan Cycle Summary of Events


Directions:  Rearrange the following events in chronological order.Then provide two meaty sentences of information about this event. (Identify characters and their significance. Relate this event to at least two other events in the Trojan Cycle.)


The first answer is done for you as a model.


The Death of Achilles

The Fall of Troy

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia

Contest for the Arms of Achilles

The Strategy of the Wooden Horse

The Wounding of Philoctetes

The Rape of Leda

The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

The Rape of Cassandra

The Death of Laoco÷n

The Judgement of Paris


 1. The Rape of Leda. Zeus, disguised as a swan raped Leda who then gave birth to Helen. This event is related to the Trojan war because Helen becomes the cause of the war as the result of the Judgement of Paris and her Elopement with Paris to Troy.