The Suppliant Woman

of Aeschylus

Parodos 1-176

1st Episode 177-523

Dialogue between Danaus, chorus and king

chorus speaks 177-347

chorus sings 348-437

chorus speaks 457-523

1st Choral Ode 524-599

2nd Episode 600-624

Dialogue between Danaus and Chorus

2nd Choral Ode 625-709

3rd Episode 710-775

Dialogue between Danaus and Chorus

chorus sings 736-738; 743-745; 749-752; 757-759

3rd Choral Ode 776-824

Exodos 825-1073

Song between chorus of Danaids and chorus of Egyptians 825-871

Dialogue between Herald and chorus 872-911

Dialogue between Herald and King 912-979

Dialogue between Chorus and Danaus 980-1017

Exit song between chorus of maidens and chorus of servants 1018-1073