Aryan model:

Greek culture as essentially European or Aryan

Greek culture as result of invasion from the north which had overwhelmed the local 'Aegean' or 'Pre-hellenic' culture

Greek culture as the result of a mixture of the IE-speaking Hellenes and their indigenous subjects

Greeks as source of European philosophy and culture

Ancient model:

Greek culture as essentially Levantine

Greek culture as result of colonization, c. 1500 BC by Egyptians and Phoenicians who had civilized the native inhabitants

Revised Ancient Model:

reality of Egyptian and Phoenician colonization of Greece

but beginning not c. 1500 BC but earlier in first half of 2nd millenium

Greek civilization as result of cultural mixtures resulting from these colonizations and from later borrowings from across the Eastern Mediterranean

but also accepts invasions from the north by IE-speakers in 4th or 3rd millenium

and dates wave of colonization not at 1500 BC but c. 1720 BC