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CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies
Egyptian Chronology

before 3200 BC Pre-dynastic Period (Nagada Period)  
3200-2780 Early Dynastic Period Dynasties 1-2
2780-2258 OLD KINGDOM Dynasties 3-6
2258-2040 1st Intermediate Period Dynasties 7-10
2040-1786 MIDDLE KINGDOM Dynasties 11-12
1786-1567 2nd Intermediate Period Dynasties 13-17
1567-1085 NEW KINGDOM Dynasties 18-20
1085-751 3rd Intermediate Period Dynasties 21-24
751-525 LATE KINGDOM Dynasties 25-26

After 525 Egypt is ruled by the Persians, the Greeks (Ptolemies), and then the Romans.

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