This project was created by Brad Mandeville, MC'98, as an assignment for CLAS240 Ancient Societies: The City, which he took under Prof. Tom Sienkewicz at Monmouth College during the fall semester of 1997. Brad acknowledges his debts to the Roman satirist Juvenal. If you have any questions about this material, please contact Tom Sienkewicz at

The Making of Naper-Thrill

This project is an attempt at a modern-day satire about the town in which I live, Naperville. I grabbed the idea when our class was told about how a former student took his home town of Galesburg, and wrote an award-winning satire describing the city. Naperville combined with its share of superficial yuppies and over-protective parents seemed to be the absolute perfect setting for a satire writing, almost too good to be true. Since I have lived in Naperville almost all of my life, I had a very firm grasp on what I wanted to write, and exactly the kind of sarcastic impression that I wanted to get across to the reader. However, I feel to truly understand what I am talking about, and where I draw my conclusions, one would most likely have to live in Naperville for a certain period of time, as they would have to understand how a foreign culture in another country operates.

In preparing to write this satire of the city of Naperville, I first made a list of all the things that I felt made Naperville truly unique, (most of which were humorous), and took the ideas, one by one, and incorporated them into a creative writing. I focused most directly upon the ironic points of Naperville, namely, the government structure (mayor), the adult citizens of Naperville, the police department, and the subject that I first-hand knew the best, the notorious youth of Naperville. Having come into contact with and observed each of these separate entities of Naperville, really for my whole life, I got a strong sense about what makes each of these factions tick. This combined with careful study of the form and information offered in Juvenal's satires, along with factual information off of the internet, mainly consisting of Naperville's home page, I was able to put together a satire that accurately discusses real life in Naperville, with a humorous and sarcastic twist.

The way I used my bibliographical materials within my satire, was first to start with viewing various satires from the works of Juvenal. Once I got a feel for what kind of mixed attitude and emotion that a satire actually entails, I combined factual information off of the internet, along with my own personal experiences and thoughts to put together a unique type of writing. This really wasn't a topic that required a whole lot of research on my part, mainly because I have lived in Naperville forever, but the information that I did pull from the internet was helpful, and did help me focus on each topic more clearly.

I believe this project will be truly unique from any other project that you receive. I wrote this, with a thought in mind, that if someone else also decided to write a satire about his/her home town, it would be nothing like the one I wrote. Like Juvenal's satires, I did capitalize each first letter of each beginning line, whether it was a new sentence or not, and tried to make a large indent for the first line of a new subject, (for the first couple topics), similar to the way Juvenal started off his "Satire III." The attitude and the reputation of Naperville itself perfectly sets the stage for a satire and offers many different topics/aspects that can be perfectly translated into a satire writing. To be honest, the satire of Naperville practically wrote itself. I really do hope that everybody who reads this does enjoy it, because I had a great time writing it. Enjoy!

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