The following summaries of sections of  Jean-Paul Descoeudres' Pompeii Revisted (Meditarch) were prepared by students enrolled in Prof. Tom Sienkewicz' Ancient Societies class at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, in 1997. If you have any questions or comments, you may contact him at The names in parentheses are the authors of the articles being summarized.

"Inscriptions, Graffiti and Literacy at Pompeii" (B. Dexter Hoyos)
Summarized by Mark Angelcyk and Gary Hoffman

"Family Matters" (Beryl Rawson)
Summarized by Kirk Conlon and Stefan Clouse

"The Volcanic Fall of Pompeii"(F. Lin Sutherland)
Summarized by Chad McBane

"Money" (Robert Carson)
Summarized by Barbe Mitchell and Karla Anzelone

"Room Use in Pompeian Houses" (Penelope Allison)
Summarized by Chad Grischow and Ron Bastian

"Lararium-Household Religion" (Peter Connor)
Summarized by Tony Clague and Curt Bach

"The Water Supply to the House of the Painted Capitals" (Frank Sear)
Summarized by Nicole Housman and Brad Mandeville

"Women and Eros" (Louise Zarmati)
Summarized by Regan Murphy and Lori Neal

"Roman Cuisine" (Edward Robinson)
Summarized by Stephanie Owen and Amie Roberts

"A Visit to a Roman Bath" (Louise Zarmati)
Summarized by Mark Schmitz and Dawn Sheldon

"The Gardens of Pomepii" (Kay Francis)
Summarized by Kat Yarger

"Dionysos-Bacchus and the Theatre"(J. Richard Green)
Summarized by Beth McGrew and Josh Lee

"The People of Pompeii" (Estelle Lazer)
Summarized by Anna Dybis

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