CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies: The Family

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Ancient Works
Homer. Iliad.
Homer. Odyssey.
Aeschylus. Complete Tragedies.
Sophocles. Complete Tragedies.
Euripides. Tragedies I.
Aristophanes. Comedies.
Plato. Symposium.
Herodotus. Histories.
Thucydides. Histories
Catullus. Poems
Livy. Histories
Tacitus. Histories
Terence. Comedies
Suetonius. Lives of the Caesars
Vergil. The Aeneid
The Bible

For Sappho and Archilochus see Barnstone. Greek Lyric Poetry.

 Modern Studies
Balsdon. Roman Women.
Bradley. Discovering the Roman Family
Carcopino. Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Cantarella. Pandora's Daughters
Coulanges. The Ancient City
de Beauvoir. The Second Sex.
Dixon. The Roman Mother
Dover. Greek Homosexuality
Ehrenberg. The People of Aristophanes
Flaciere. Daily Life in Greece
Foley. Reflections on Women in Antiquity
Friedl. Vasilika. A Village in Modern Greece
Fromm. The Forgotten Language
Gimbutas. Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe
Golden. Children and Childhood in Classical Athens
Lacey. The Family in Classical Greece
Lefkowitz. Women in Greek Myth
Lefkowitz and Fant. Women's Life in Ancient Greece and Rome 2nd ed.
Noonan. Contraception
Pomeroy. Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves
Putnam. The Lady
Rawson. The Family in Ancient Rome: New Perspectives
Seltmann. Women in Antiquity
Slater. The Glory of Hera

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