The Public Lives of Greek Women

These study questions are based upon documents in Lefkowitz and Fant's Women's Life in Greece and Rome.

Find an example of a Greek woman serving as general of an army and tell the story to the class.

What does a woman do to make King Xerxes of Persia exclaim: "My men have turned into women and my women into men"?

For what reasons is Asė praised in these inscriptions?

Does the inscription to Aufria suggest that Greek women were restricted to their homes?

In what athletic competitions do women participate in these inscriptions?

Describe the lifestyle of Hipparchia the philosopher.

#225-227, 229
What topics are the focus of the conversation between Gorgo and Praxinoa?

What solution does Socrates propose for Aristarchus' problem?

Why does Aristarchus describe Ceramon's slaves as technicians but his own dependants as "educated like free persons"?

Find an epitaph suggesting a husband who was glad that his wife was dead?

What sort of occupations are open to the women mentioned in these documents? What social status do these women appear to have?

#383-387, 389-392
In what ways to women participate in the religious rites described in these documents?

#383-387, 389-392
Find a document which describes the carelessness of a priestess. What does she do wrong?

#394-400, 402-407
What religious rights and responsibilities of women are mentioned in these documents?

What do you learn from these documents about the women who served as priestesses?