CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies: The Family

Athenian Family Life: Some Legal Evidence

L&F #81 = Isaeus 3.64 Summary of law about epikleros

L&F #88 = Lysias on Murder of Eratosthenes Deals with status of wife, rights of husband concerning adultery, and arrangement of an Athenian house

L&F #78 = Demosthenes 45.28 Pasion wills his wife to his freeman to preserve oikos for minor son and to protect wife

L&F #87 = Isaeus 6.18-24 Deals with the adoption of the children of a mistress

L&F #89 = Antiphon. Against a Stepmother A step-son prosecutes his step-mother for poisoning his father. Her son represents his mother in court. Note the status of the concubine and questions of intent not commission.

Isaeus. On the Estate of Menecles A childless old man divorces young wife and marries her to a young man. The old man them then adopts former brother-in-law. How can these actions be explained?

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