CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies: The Family

See EXTRA CREDIT OFFER at end of page.

1st Semester 1999-2000, Department of Classics, Monmouth College
(listed alphabetically)

Cantarella, Eva.  Pandora's Daughters
The Johns Hopkins University Press

Catullus   Poems of Catullus
Translated by Guy Lee
Oxford University Press

Lefkowitz, Mary and Maureen Fant. Women's Life in Greece & Rome 2nd ed., 0-8018-4475-4
The Johns Hopkins University Press 

Pomeroy, Sarah. Goddesses,Whores,Wives,& Slaves

Note: You should also have access to translations of Homer's Odyssey. For a good electronic version available on the Perseus website, click  here.

Standing offer for extra credit: If you submit a 250-word review of one of these books to or and send the link to the instructor, you will get extra credit in this course. This offer expires on Nov. 30, 1999.

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