CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies: The Family

Department of Classics, Monmouth College

Unit Exams

There will be two (2) unit tests consisting of  a single essay question which offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of class lectures and text readings as well as your ability to draw general conclusions about the material. In answering these essay questions you should be prepared to make reference to a variety of material, including class lectures, slides, text readings and films. You will NOT be able to use any notes while you write your answers to these questions.

The FIRST UNIT EXAM will consist of the following essay question:

Discuss the development of Greek family institutions from prehistoric evidence through fifth-century Athens. Highlight significant features of Greek family life and refer as much as possible to a variety of evidence to support your statements. Make some comparisons to American family life, but focus on the ancient Greek family.

Here is the essay question for the SECOND UNIT EXAM:

Imagine that you are an ancient Roman visiting your real American family. Explain to your American hosts how different and similar your family experiences have been. A Roman would naturally make reference to Roman (and Greek) history, to the lives of famous Romans (and Greece), to domestic architecture (in both Greece and Rome), and to other relevant documents of Roman (and Greek) society, including the poetry of Catullus.

Missing a test is considered a serious lapse. Students who do not present an acceptable explanation IN ADVANCE of a test or a valid medical excuse will be permitted to take a make-up, but will suffer a penalty of one letter grade.

Each test will be 15% of your final grade.

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