CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies:
Sport and Recreation

Department of Classics
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Revised 10/30/00

NOTE:  This schedule will remain "in progress" throughout the semester. It will be modified as needed. Students are advised to consult this schedule periodically for changes, modifications, and additions.

For Young, numbers refer to pages.
For Sweet, numbers refer to chapters.
For Miller, numbers refer to passages.

Part I Introduction to Ancient Athletics
Aug. 29 Course Introductions
Discussion: What is sport?
Aug. 31  The Vocabulary and Philosophy of Sport
Sweet, preface; Young, 171-176;
Monmouth College Statement of Athletic Philosophy
Sept. 5 The Origin of Sport
Sansone (on reserve)
Sept. 7 Athletics in the Early Mediterranean, Bronze Age Greece, and ancient Egypt.
Sept. 12 Athletics in Homer
Miller, 1 and 2; Sweet, 2
Sept. 14 Pindar and the Poets
Sweet, 29 and 33; Miller, 186-190;
A. E. Housman's "To An Athlete Dying Young"
Note: Reading and discussion of Pindar's Odes will continue throughout the course. You should bring your copy of Pindar to class every day.
Part II Ancient Athletic Games
Sept. 19 The Four Crown Games and the Panathenaia
Sweet, 1 and 31; Miller, 84-85 and 164-185; Swaddling, chapters 1, 3, and 9
Sept. 21 Olympia: Introduction to the Site
Swaddling, chapter 2
1st Unit Quiz (on Part I) will be given in the last part of this class.
Sept. 26  Olympia and the Games
Miller, 60-67
Sept. 28 Organization of the Festival
Swaddling, 4-5; Miller, 68-76
Part III Ancient Athletic Contests
Oct. 3 Running and Marathon
Swaddling 57-62; Sweet, 3 (pp. 27-35); Miller, 12-19
Oct. 5 Discus and Pentathlon
Swaddling 62-71; Sweet, 4, 5, 8; Miller, 32-35, 40-41, 44-46
Quiz on Olympic Site
Oct. 10 Jumping and Javelin
Sweet, 6 and 7; Miller, 36-39, 42-43
Oct. 12 Combat Sports: Boxing, Wrestling, and Pancration
Swaddling 71-82; Sweet, 9-12; Miller, 20-31
2nd Unit Quiz  (on Part II)
Oct. 17 Combat Sports Cont.
Mid-Course Evaluation Due
Oct. 19 No class: Work on Individualized Project
Oct. 26 No class: Work on Individualized Project
Oct. 31 Equestrian Events and Non-Athletic Competitions
Swaddling, 81-87; Sweet, 13, 21, #1, pp. 145-146, 31, pg. 246, 25-27; Miller, 47-59
Prospectus for Individualized Project Due
Part IV Prizes, Athletes, and Spectators
Nov. 2 Miscellaneous Sports and Other Forms of Entertainment
Sweet, Chapters 22-28 (look especially at FISHING)
Judging and Prizegiving|
Swaddling, chapters 7 and 8; Miller, 77-80; 86-89
Nov. 6 Fox Classics Lecture, 7:30 P.M. in Highlander Room. Attendance Required.
Nov. 7 Spectators and Nudity
Miller, 3-11, 91-95; Sweet, 12.6, 19

Women in Greek Sport
Swaddling, pp. 40-43; Miller, 96-106; Sweet, 20
Short paper on Fox Lecture Due
Nov. 9 Famous Ancient Athletes, Training and Education
Sweet, 17-18, 21, 30.14-58; Miller, 38d, 107-130
Part V. Roman Sports
Nov. 14 Vergil, Aeneid V (handout) and Roman Baths
3rd Unit Quiz  (on Parts III and IV)
Nov. 16 Amphitheatres and Hippodromes
Miller, 131-145 Sweet, 32
Nov. 21 Gladiators, Christian Martyrs and Ancient Sports
Nov. 23 THANKSGIVING break.
Part VI The Modern Myth and the Ancient Reality
Nov. 28 The Modern Olympic Myth
Young, 7-43; Miller 186-192;
Samaranch Aside, Corruption's as Ancient as Games
Nov. 30 Amateurism vs. Professionalism in Ancient and Modern Sport
Young, 44-103; Miller, 146-163
Map/Geography Quiz
Dec. 5 Nationalism and Internationalism in Ancient and Modern Sport
Miller, 164-169

Individualized Project due at 3:30 P.M.
Dec. 7 Evaluating the Ancient Evidence
Young, 105-176

Evaluation of Individualized Projects due
4th Unit Quiz
  (on Parts V and VI)
Dec. 13 6 P.M. Group Presentations, Course Evaluations, etc.

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