CLAS/HIST240 Ancient Societies: Sport and Recreation
Monmouth College
, Monmouth, Illinois
Instructor: Thomas J. Sienkewicz (
, Monmouth, Illinois

Chronology / Timeline of Roman History / Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods / Greek Gods and Sports

Vocabulary of Sport / Greek Athletic Vocabulary

Philosophy of Sport / Philosophies of Sport  / Resource Guide in Philosophy of Sport / Monmouth College Statement of Athletic Philosophy /   Riefenstahl's Olympia (video) / Riefenstahl's Olympia / Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia": Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda?

Konrad Lorenz: Triumph Ceremony of the Greylag Goose / Measuring Behavior
Meynall: Ethology and Ethics

The Olympic Games / Athens 2004 / Paralympics / IOC Website / Olympic Anecdotes / Interesting Olympic Facts

Olympic Values Athens 2004 / Paul Shorey / Avery Brundage

Olympics Through Time / Athletic Events in Prehistory / Revival of the Ancient OlympicsProfessionals vs. Amateurs / The Story of the Olympics / The Real Story / The Ancient Olympics (Perseus Project) / Miller's Ancient Greek Athletics Syllabus / Saving a Mayan Game of Sacrifice  / Ancient Egyptian Sports

Chronology / Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods/

Homeric Age 

Olympic Festival in Antiquity / Ancient Athletic Events / Ancient Sports 
/ Unearthing the First Olympics (Nemea)

Ancient Olympia: Tour of Olympia / Seven Wonders of the Ancient World / The Temple of Zeus

Pindar, Pythian 3

Perseus Project's "Context of the Games and the Olympic Spirit" / The Ancient Olympics

Christ' review of Miller's Arete by Christ (Bryn Mawr Classical Review 02.07.04) /
Romano's review of Miller's Arete (Bryn Mawr Classical Review 04.02.07)

Art Competitions at the Olympic Games / When Arts Were On the Podium / Ode for a Grecian Medal"Ode to Athens" by Armand D'Angour  / A. E. Housman's "To An Athlete Dying Young"Pindar / Writing a Pindaric Epinikion / Parsing  Pindaric Ode

Herculmpics (a game!)

Ancient Greek Athletes / Famous Olympic Victors

Ancient Locker Rooms / Samaranch Aside, Corruption's as Ancient as Games
Victor Davis Hanson's "Olympic  Corruption? It's All Greek to Me"

Epispasm / Celsus' Decircumcision Operation

Gymnasium: Nero's Gymnasium / Ancient Greek Gymnasium 

Ancient Sports Medicine: Galen: Surgeon to the Gladiators / History of Sports Medicine (note useful timeline)

List of Important Geographic Terms / Quiz on Olympic SiteSample Map/Geography Quiz / Plan of Olympia / Sample Multiple Choice Questions


Roman Baths: The Roman Baths (Bath, England) / Roman Baths and Bathing / Mediterranean Baths 

Aeneid V

Gladiators: The Gladiator Site / Gladiator HomepageGladiator Cast of Characters / Gladiator List of Scenes / The Roman Gladiator / Gladiator 

The Colosseum: Colosseum / Great Buildings: The Colosseum / The / The Flavian Amphitheatre 

The Circus Maximus: Roman Chariot Racing / Rome Guide: The Circus Maximus  / The Roman Hippodrome / Eggers' on Circus Maximus / The Circus Maximus / Encyclopedia Romana / Rome's Astrodome / Circus and the Circus Maximus /

Prof. Sienkewicz' Writing Guidelines
Sports Bibliography

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