Monmouth College considers the intercollegiate athletic program to be an integral part of the total educational experience. Subscribing to a "sound mind in a sound body concept," the college recognizes the significant contribution of recreation, intramural and intercollegiate athletics to the development of male and female students. From a relaxed recreational program to the very rigorous intercollegiate program, Monmouth students can experience a wide range of athletic opportunities.

The college is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its students. It is the goal of the college to provide experiences that will allow men and women to achieve their maximum potential in both academic and athletic endeavors.

The health and welfare of our students is paramount. Athletic opportunities are provided in a context that fosters character development, safe participation, value enhancement and academic achievement. Student athletes are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the college experience. The education and development of the whole person is our fundamental commitment.

The college firmly adheres to the spirit and intent of the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Midwest Collegiate Athletic Conference. The college, while integrating the mandates established by both organizations, retains institutional control. All policies, rules and regulations are reviewed regularly by responsible faculty and administrative personnel.